27″ Chrome Laundry Stacking Bracket Kit Replacements for LG Washer Dryer with Instructions and Screws


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KSTK1 27″ Laundry Stacking Kit:

Fits for LG high-efficiency front-load washers and dryers


Constructed of Chrome steel, strong and durable.

With its beautiful chrome color, the parts of this stacking kit will seamlessly blend in

with the exterior of your washer and dryer for a put-together look.

Installation tips

Place washer firmly on a stable, even and solid floor.

Peel protective paper off the tape from the stacking kit side bracket.

Fit the stacking kit side bracket firmly to the side of top plate by attaching the double-sid tape to top plate.

Secure stacking kit side bracket to the washer with a screw on the back of bracket. Repeat the Steps for the other side.

Place the dryer on top of the washer by fitting legs.

Be careful not to pinch fingers between the washer and dryer.

Slide washer slowly backwards to the stopper of kit.Insert the front stacking kit.

Push the front stacking kit back to the stoppers of side stacking kit.Screw on both sides of the front kit.

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Dimensions 27 × 3.25 × 2 in

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